Daisies and Stormtroopers

I was asked to make the wedding cake and groom’s cake for the wedding of some friends’ daughter.  They had already picked the design for the wedding cake but their other baker had to pull out.  They also wanted the Stormtroopers and Lego topper for the groom’s cake, which again limited my scope for design.

The drive to the venue was nerve-wracking as it was a very hot day and I was worried about the daisies.  I had cut them out of sugarpaste to make them more edible, but it meant that they were much more fragile.  There was a high rate of attrition while attaching them to the cake, but actually only a couple of them were damaged in transit.

I transported the cake in two parts and added more daisies to complete the design when we arrived.

Vanilla, chocolate and lemon cakes for the wedding cake, chocolate cake for the groom’s cake.

Purple Roses Wedding Cake

A small 4/6/8 vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fruit filling.  Covered in white chocolate ganache and sugarpaste, decorated with handmade gumpaste roses.

Purple Butterflies

I made this using left-over batter as a proof-of-concept cake for the wedding cake I have coming up.  Ivory sugarpaste with gumpaste butterfly cascade.

Ivory and Chocolate Wedding Cake

A simple, two tier round cake for Leeanne and Martin’s wedding.  Bottom tier is 12″ fruit cake covered with marzipan and sugarpaste; top tier is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry filling, covered with sugarpaste.  Fabric ribbons, sugarpaste flowers and ceramic topper for decoration.

Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes made for Kev and Charlene Hutchison’s wedding.  A mixture of vanilla with buttercream icing and glittery hearts, lemon with lemon icing and a butterfly and chocolate with mint-flavoured poured fondant and a flower.