Ruffles and Ice

This one kind of got away from me a bit!  I offered to make a cake for a friend’s daughter’s second birthday.  She gave me the theme “Frozen”, so I had a think about conveying that theme without resorting to the cliches.

I wanted to do the modern scrunched ruffles in a diagonal up the cake, but I just couldn’t get them to hold their shape properly in the time I was willing to spend on it.  So I went with the more traditional straight ruffles and am glad in the end, as I think the scrunched ruffles would have been too bulky.

For the “ice”,  I made some forms out of tin foil and melted Glacier mints in them.  I then swirled blue colouring in the melted sugar and once it was hardened I broke the pieces up into different sizes of shards.

Not neccesarily the most toddler-ific cake design, but she liked it and I loved the effect.


A double chocolate cake for a little boy’s first birthday.  It is a boat and character from a children’s TV show.

My first time carving to this extent.  Covered with dark chocolate ganache and a sugarpaste/modeling chocolate mix.

Chocolate and Bow

A very quick and simple cake for a friend’s son’s birthday.

Chocolate orange cake, covered with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with modeling chocolate bow.

Woodland Fox

A cake for Rosie’s birthday.  I modeled the fox out of Rice Crispie treats and modeling chocolate.  The cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, and the decorations were modeling chocolate.

Minecraft Cube

For Ewan’s 10th Birthday he wanted a Minecraft cake.  This cake actually amazed me – I baked, torted, filled and ganached it at home, then took it frozen down to Suffolk for our holiday, where I handpainted the side panels.  Then it traveled all the way to Dorset where we were having a family reunion.  I constructed it there and Ewan and his cousin made the figures to go on the top.

Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with handpainted sugarpaste panels.

The Odd Egg

Benjamin’s favourite book is The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett, so I made him a a birthday cake in the sahpe of the egg.

It was a carved chocolate cake, hand-painted, with a modeling chocolate duck and scarf.

Swan Cake

A swan cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday.  The swan is made out of modelling chocolate  following a tutorial by Jessica Harris.  The cake is chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and decorated with vanilla buttercream.

Ladybirds and Flowers

A chocolate cake for Laylah’s birthday.  With her favourite little beasties all over it, and a special surprise inside – a cascade of Skittles fell out when the cake was cut.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

For Nathan’s first birthday I created this cake, based on inspiration photos from his parents.  Bottom tier is chocolate cake, top tier is lemon and raspberry.  Hand-painted gumpaste “pages” and modelling chocolate caterpillar.