Raa Raa

A cake for a friend’s son’s first birthday, inspired by Iced Indulgences cake.  Chocolate and strawberry cakes, covered in sugarpaste and decorated with modelling chocolate figures.


For Rosie’s 7th birthday she requested a cake with dolphins on it. She saw one with the tail coming out of the top, and I had seen a cake with modelling chocolate ruffles between the layers, so we were off! I had intitially thought I would put coral and seaweed round the bottom of the bottom tier, but when she insisted on having the dolphin silhouettes on the top tier, I knew that wouldn’t work and so came up with the simpler, more stylised look of the bubbles. I loved making this cake – she loved eating it! Chocolate and vanilla tiers, covered in sugarpaste with modelling chocolate decorations.

Unicorn Cakes

For Kirsty’s 10th Birthday I made two cakes – one for her party and one for her to take to her Social Communication Skills Group.  The one for the group was a gluten-free chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and covered in sugarpaste.  It was decorated with a hand-modelled unicorn topper, made by following the tutorial here: http://cakecentral.com/b/tutorial/how-to-make-a-fondant-unicorn-cake-topper, and hand-painted bunting.

The cake for her party was a chocolate cake, filled with peppermint buttercream and covered in sugarpaste.  I re-used the unicorn, but painted the mane to match the colours of the sugarpaste.  I then gave my children and a friend some different colours of sugarpaste and some cutters, and let them loose.  I think they did a great job!

Mini-Mouse Inspired Cake

A cake for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday.  Chocolate cake filled with with chocolate orange buttercream on the bottom tier and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream on the top.  The “head” was modelled from Rice Krispie Treats.  Everything was covered in dark chocolate ganache.  I am really becoming a big fan of using ganache as a crumb-coat/undercoat on my cakes.  It took a bit of getting used to, but it gives a really good, smooth and firm surface to then cover with sugarpaste.  The key is to make sure that the ganache is the right consistency – not too stiff so that it pulls the cake apart, but not so runny that it just slips down the cake.  I use two layers of ganache – one to cover the cake and then a runnier one to fill in any slight flaws.  The key to getting a smooth finish is to keep at it!  Just go round and round again and again until the finish is a smooth as you can get it.  There are many great tutorials on how to ganache a cake, so I’ll not go on about it any more.  I’ll just finish by saying that it is much easier to put fondant on a cake that has been covered in ganache  than one that has been covered in buttercream.  It gives you much nicer edges.

Harry Potter Book Cake

A Harry Potter themed cake.  Chocolate cake, covered in dark chocolate ganache and sugarpaste.  Modelling chocolate/sugarpaste decorations.

The cake was carved to look like a book, and I scored the edges and then dusted them with petal dust to make it look antique.  I was quite please with how the cake board turned out – it was just covered with sugarpaste, scored to mimic the planks and then painted with brown food colouring mixed with vodka to make a paint.

Pink and White 3rd Birthday Cake

A pink ombre vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream on the bottom tier and a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream on the top tier.  Covered with white chocolate ganache and sugarpaste.  I put more effort into getting a smooth finish from the ganache and feel it made all the difference in the smoothness of the sugarpaste.

I used Funky Tappits for the lettering and found them a little tricky to use, but not too hard.  I also experimented with texture mats.

Ewan’s 8th Birthday Cake – Red Arrows

For his birthday Ewan wanted a Red Arrows cake.  We were away on holiday so I was limited in what I could do, but I managed to make this for him.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, covered in sugarpaste with modelling chocolate planes.

Mr Tumble Cake

A Mr Tumble themed cake with matching chocolate cupcakes.  Bottom tier is chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, top tier is vanilla cake with raspberry and vanilla filling.  Mr Tumble is sugarpaste.

Mermaid Castle Birthday Cake

A mermaid castle cake for Rosie’s 6th birthday.  Bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling, middle tier is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry filling, top tier and towers are dummies.  Hand-painted mermaid.  The shells were made by my 7-year-old son using the plastic insert from a box of chocolates.  This cake very nearly didn’t come off, as I was delayed by a migraine and then by my older daughter breaking her finger and having to have trips to hospital to sort it out.  But it was worth it to know that Rosie had the cake she’d envisioned.