Blue and Cream Hearts

This cake was for my son’s dedication.  Top two tiers were lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream; bottom tier was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling.  Decorated with modelling chocolate hearts and accompanied by sugar cookies covered in modelling chocolate, and home-made candy bracelets.

Roses and Bunting

For Faith’s dedication I made a strawberry cake filled with strawberry buttercream.  Extended bottom tier with brush embroidery, top tier with sugarpaste bunting.  Decorated with gumpaste roses and filler flowers.

Valentines Hearts

A little 4″ cake I made for Andrew for Valentine’s day.  I really liked the effect with the hearts and the sugarpaste layers.  I only wish I’d not used up old scraps for the hearts so that they would have looked cleaner – oh, well.  Almond rose cake with raspberry curd filling.

Roses and Ruffles

A cake for Andrew’s work.  I got to choose how to decorate it so was able to do a design I’d been wanting to do.  Vertical ruffles and roses all made out of sugarpaste.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling.


Purple Flowers Anniversary Cake

A gluten-free chocolate cake for a 10th Wedding Anniversary.  Filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache, then covered and decorated with sugarpaste.  I actually used a pearl edible lustre spray to lift the colours a bit after this photo was taken.

Hidden Rainbow Cake

I made a hidden rainbow cake for Tatty Rose’s tea party photo shoot.  It was really fun and looked stunning, if I do say so myself!

A vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream filling and icing.


Simnel Cake

I made a version of Mary Berry’s Simnel Cake from the Easter Bake Off Masterclass.  It was really tasty and fun to make.  It was also the first time I crystallised flowers.  Next time, I’ll not use so much egg whites on them.

Wheat- and Dairy-free Cake

A chocolate cake for Emily.  This was a challenge as she is on a dairy and wheat free diet.  The cake was easy enough, but making the buttercream to go as a crumb-coat under the fondant was a challenge.  In the end it was too soft and didn’t hold its shape too well.  All in all, it was a good challenge, and I know what to do better next time.

Design inspired by Panel7124’s cake.

Ninja Cake

A ninja cake for Debbie.  She won the promise of a cake at the fundraising auction, and chose a ninja design for her colleague’s birthday.  Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered with fondant and accompanied by sugarpaste throwing stars painted with silver edible paint.

Find my throwing stars tutorial here.

Inspired by KakkuKatrista’s Ninjago cake.